How to clean a thermal coffee pot the easy way

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Lately I have been on the search for all kinds of ways to make pesky chores easier. Our thermal coffee pot was one of those things that were just a bear to clean. I had always soaked and scrubbed and scrubbed some more, never really getting the pot as clean as I had hoped. What makes this type of pot such a cleaning challenge is that the opening is not large enough to fit your hand through.

Even though we rinsed it out daily, after a while it still wound up looking like this:

picture of thermal coffee pot with coffee stains inside


Until the happy day I found out how to clean it with ease. To be honest, when I first read about this trick, I thought it was too good to be true. But low and behold it worked every bit as well as promised. I was elated and a little bummed at the same time. Elated, because I finally found a way to really clean it and make it look like new without hardly lifting a finger, bummed because I didn’t know this sooner. But alas…

What was it? Dishwasher tablets. Yep. Who’d a thunk it. Plop one of those babies in the bottom of the pot, fill with boiling water, wait 30 minutes, empty and rinse. No scrubbing whatsoever. I was so exited, I repeated the same thing with my tea pot, just to make sure it hadn’t been a fluke. Worked like a charm.

And I would have been happily using this same system, if there hadn’t been that one nagging question in my mind. Would it work the same with more natural, less toxic dishwasher tabs? I am using up what I have of the old stuff, but definitely want to make the switch, because it doesn’t exactly get the most glowing grades, environmentally speaking.

When I saw these at Trader Joe’s the other day, I decided to grab them and answer that question once and for all.

picture of Trader Joe's automatic dish washer detergent packs


Want to know what happened? Would the small pillow looking things have the same power as the big tabs with the red ball?

picture of small white dishwasher packet next to finish powerball detergent tab

I followed exactly the same steps.

picture of dirty coffee pot with dish washer detergent packet on the bottom

picture of coffee pot filled with water and dish washer detergent packet

Add the dish washer packet, fill coffee pot with boiling water, set the timer for 30 minutes and wait. Not gonna lie, I had my doubts, but when I saw the water come out looking like this:

picture of a glass of brown water

I had a feeling it was working.

Drumroll please…

picture of clean coffee pot

Just pour out the gunky water and rinse. No scrubbing at all. There are not too many cleaning jobs easier than that! So now, the next time you wonder if a cleaning hack with regular, but often toxic cleaners, works with gentler non-toxic versions as well, just give it a try! I know I will. Because I can think of about a million other things I would much rather spend my time on and I am pretty sure you can too!

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2 thoughts on “How to clean a thermal coffee pot the easy way”

  1. Marlies Martin

    Omg. Who knew? It me and I’m old!! Thanks!! Love this little blog of yours!! It plays a big role in my life!! Marlies

    1. WittyGrittyGirl

      No more coffee pot scrubbing:) Not missing that chore! Thank you for your support and keep spreading the word!

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