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When it comes to household chores, bathroom cleaning is my absolute favorite one! I mean, who doesn’t relish the thought of getting to scrub soap scum or clean toilets with a cool, fancy big brush and scrape toothpaste that looks like buttermints out of the sink? (Sorry if I just ruined those for you!)

And living with guys makes this lovely job even more enjoyable because they are guys – if you catch my drift.

You know that I am totally kidding. If they invented a button to push for the bathroom to clean itself, I would be the first one to have that thing installed at our house x 3. But until some genius comes up with a contraption like that, bathrooms will have to be cleaned manually whether we like it or not.

When it comes to making cleaning chores or any other not so desirable jobs around the home as easy as possible you need a schedule and a system. Trust me on that. 

And today I am sharing my system with you. Because no one should ever be stuck scrubbing toilets and sinks any longer than absolutely necessary my friends! It’s all about working smarter not harder.

speed clean your bathroom

After years of trial and error, my cleaning process is easy, efficient, and fast – so fast, as a matter of fact, it generally takes me less than 10 minutes per bathroom.

To make it even easier for you I designed a printable bathroom cleaning checklist you can keep in each bathroom as a reminder.

It also works if you are trying to teach other people in your home to clean! You know, that teenager who is bored all the time?

You can find the checklist and all of the cleaning recipes for this post and many other goodies in the FREE Resource Library. Just sign up here and the password is on its way to your inbox!


Go through cabinets, drawers, and your medicine cabinet and purge expired cosmetics, duplicates, and things that could be stored elsewhere.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to spruce up and organize drawers, check out my post on organizing kitchen drawers. It works just as well in the bathroom.

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And with that let’s get going!



This is a simple step you can take to make cleaning your bathroom easier right away. With a little preparation, you won’t dread cleaning your bathroom in no time. 

So before you get started on setting up any cleaning schedule, do yourself a big favor. Begin by removing everything that is not absolutely necessary from your bathroom counters – and keep it off. 

That is even more important during times when illness tends to be more prevalent like flu and cold season.

It will make cleaning so much easier and you are rewarded with a bathroom that looks uncluttered and organized.


pink spray bottle for homemade cleaner to clean the bathroom


Now that you have cleared your surfaces of any unnecessary clutter, designate a specific day of the week as your bathroom cleaning day.

I find it easiest to set a theme for each day (i.e. cleaning bathrooms Monday, bedrooms Tuesday, etc) That keeps the guesswork out and makes keeping up with household chores a breeze.

No more having to remember when you did what the last time. You will be surprised how effective setting a schedule is when it comes to cutting down on stress!

Designating specific days for specific tasks is a real game-changer. It allows you to schedule your days with much greater efficiency and will definitely make life less stressful overall.

Miss a week? No need to be hard on yourself. It’s easy to pick right back up where you left off.


A well-stocked cleaning caddy is a lifesaver when it comes to all kinds of different household cleaning jobs. It’s fantastic for the bathroom but works just as well anywhere in the house.

When it comes to setting up a cleaning caddy, you want it to be just the right size to fit all of your supplies with ease, not too big, not too small.

Make sure it is tall enough to keep the bottles from falling out when lugging it around the house. You could use a small plastic bucket or something like this little, but sturdy plastic basket with compartments.

Always shop your house first, you might already have just the right container on hand.  Whether you choose a caddy with or without compartments is up to you.  Plastic is a snap to clean whereas metal baskets have a tendency to rust.

All of my cleaners, sanitizers, and air-freshening sprays are homemade. Why run out and buy pricy cleaners that may contain questionable chemicals when making your own is so easy? And if you run out – it’s super easy to just make more!

homemade cleaner ingredients

What’s in my basket? Non-toxic cleaning is very important to me and that is reflected in the choices I made for my cleaning caddy. These cleaners are as easy on the budget as they are to the environment and your lungs!

Find the recipes for my favorite homemade cleaners as well as labels for each as handy printables in the FREE Resource Library.

Also:  broom and dustpan


Well thought out steps are key to making this system a success. Always work from top to bottom and from cleanest to dirtiest. After tweaking this system for a long time this is what I found to work best:

  • Gather all towels and washcloths, toss them in the wash
  • Clear countertops
  • Spray mirror with glass cleaner
  • Spray sink, counter, toilet seat and lid as well as bathtub and/or shower with sanitizer spray. (Letting both the glass cleaner and sanitizer spray sit for a couple of minutes makes the job much easier.)
  • Use either 1 cap of Thieves cleaner  (a little bit goes a long way) and sprinkle baking  soda in the bowl to follow or your homemade toilet cleaner of your choice – let sit
  • Wipe mirror(s) with a designated microfiber lint-free glass cleaning cloth
  • Wipe vanity, sink, tub with a different microfiber cloth
  • Scrub toilet bowl, including top rim. Wipe rim and other porcelain parts with toilet paper, discard in toilet and flush. Wipe seat and lid with a designated microfiber cloth
  • Sweep, empty dustpan in the trash, empty trash can.
  • Steam clean or mop floor

Helpful tips:

Remove and toss all of your towels and washcloths in the wash before you get started. Hang them right back up in your freshly cleaned bathroom once they are done.

Wipe vertical surfaces, like mirrors and shower walls from top to bottom in an “S” motion, to keep from going over clean areas with a dirty cloth.

Write ingredients for homemade cleaner and disinfectant sprays on labels on the bottle, and you’ll always have the recipe handy when you run out and need to make more.

Keep baking soda in a container that allows you to sprinkle it on. A Parmesan cheese dispenser like this one works well. Or you can make your own using a clean jar and poke holes in the lid. I use one of my trusty ball jelly jars.

Why microfiber?

Each component of my bathroom cleaning system was chosen because it is safe, easy to use, and effective. I used to favor cotton cloths for cleaning, but have recently made the switch to microfiber. Why?

Microfiber cloths clearly outperform cotton ones when it comes to cleaning, hands down. Due to the unique structure of their fibers, they excel at grabbing microbes and all kinds of other “cooties” (totally scientific terminology). They also require far less water and cleaning solution.

Third, since they come in many different colors, you can easily designate a specific color for each cleaning job. Like red for the dirtiest jobs, like around toilets, green for sinks, and blue mirrors. But it truly doesn’t matter which color you chose for each task, as long as you stay consistent.

microfiber cloth and rubber glove

I prefer a slightly larger cloth and chose microfiber kitchen towels for that reason. Find them at the dollar store or Walmart. 

Glass spray bottles are not completely necessary, but work best, but aren’t an absolute must. Just know that lemon essential oils will disintegrate plastic over time.

Glass bottles come in a variety of sizes and colors.  For cleaners, I prefer those that hold just over 2 cups for portability. And they are kind of pretty, too, wouldn’t you agree?

To save money, save glass distilled vinegar (or any similar) bottles and add a spray trigger from a dollar store bottle.

In between cleanings, sinks and mirrors get a quick wipe down each day or as needed.

I have been using this system for nearly a year now and it has made this previously dreaded cleaning chore a breeze. It’s easy and efficient and most importantly there is o more running out of cleaners, irritating chemical smell, and waste!

Are you interested in ditching all of the toxic chemicals in your home, but aren’t sure where to begin?  I hope this post has inspired you to make the switch to easier and cheaper cleaning.

Be sure to get your copy of my handy printable sheet with all of my favorite and super easy cleaner recipes in the FREE Resource Library!

For more info on where you can get high-quality EO’s check out the essential oil buying guide.






While you still have to clean with this system (sorry), I know that it will make your life easier. Following the same steps, every single time you clean will cut the time you spend scrubbing and take the dread out of this definitely no-fun chore. Let me know how it works for you! Have you ever tried a cleaning schedule?

Do you have some helpful hints and tips that have made your life easier? Let’s hear them in the comment section! Why not share them on TheWittyGrittyLife Facebook group? Come on over and join us! And be sure to follow me on Instagram for a little dose of real life! Until next time!


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