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When I began contemplating what amazing facts about me I should wow you with, I initially settled on just boring you with an abbreviated story about my life, just like every other blogger does.

You know, little ditties like how I was born and raised in a small Bavarian town, where I grew up right next to a real castle. Or how at the tender age of 19 I embarked on a big journey halfway across the world to move to California where I even became homeless for a time. Then there was the story about me joining the US Army, which is not exactly a conventional choice for your typical German girl trying to make it in a big new world.

Next, I was going to impress you with the fact that I worked in the medical field for over 20 years, only to put my career on the backburner to stay home with my two boys. Somehow I planned on weaving in how my younger son’s early autism diagnosis and later my husband’s journey through cancer changed all of our lives in ways we could never have imagined. And I was going to encourage you that even the worst of times can bring about positive changes and still be filled with joy.

There were going to be little anecdotes about how all of these experiences have molded me into someone who has a deeply rooted sense of appreciation for the little things in life and how I want to motivate you to shift your thinking towards one of gratitude as well my dear readers.

Of course, I was going to offer brilliant and funny insights into how I decided to write a blog for you and why I settled on subjects like easy DIY projects and crafts, simple home repairs, and decor along with healthy living tips and recipes. My goal was to illustrate the importance of taking good care of yourself so you could be there for those who love you for a long time. Maybe I would even add encouragement for you to embark on your very own blogging journey.

But then I came to the conclusion that I didn’t really want to put you to sleep with all that blabbering about myself and decided to just


instead and to let you know how happy and excited I am that you actually found me here in the huge vast universe that is the internet.

So here is my big fat welcome to this blog for you! I hope we can be together for a long time on this crazy, sometimes chaotic journey we call our lives. I look forward to sharing as much useful information as you can stand and I cannot wait to learn what I can learn from you in return!

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