image showing three identical glass jars with colorful string and wood stars each containing a different homemade bodycare product


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While the Holiday Season right around the corner time is getting shorter by the day to find those few extra and thoughtful gifts. Luckily, the ones I am about to share with you today are not only easy to put together but will work year-round to impress family and friends. If you are still looking for some cheap and easy luxurious gifts you can make in no time, look no further!

Even if you have little or no experience creating homemade beauty products you can pull these together in a snap, I promise. And there is even a good chance you may already have some if not all of the ingredients on hand. If you don’t, they are worth buying, because each one of them can be used for several other beauty recipes, you can find right here on the blog.

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You can repurpose pretty jars you already have or check at your local Dollar Tree store. It’s a little treasure chest. You never know what you will find and you can easily afford to bring the treasures home. A while back I snagged these little jars:

glass jars with aluminum lids for 3 cheap and easy luxurious gifts you can make in no time

Hard to believe they are only a buck, right? While I wasn’t quite sure what exactly I would use them for, I knew they would come in handy eventually. And today’s little project is perfect for them. I added the striped baker’s twine and little wood stars. You can find these jars at Dollar Tree in the isle with the glassware and dishes. Of course, the decor is entirely up to you. 



This is a super easy recipe I have been using at our house for a very long time. My younger son loves to soak in it and he would probably stay in the tub for hours if we let him. As I mentioned above, all of the recipes mentioned in this post are available in a nice printable format in the FREE resource library.

Okay, let’s get moving. For this recipe, you will need three simple ingredients. Since the size of the jars, you will be using may vary, or if you want to make several jars worth, this recipe makes 1 1/2 cups of bath salt for reference. That is actually the exact amount we use for two baths at our home.

1 cup Epsom Salt – easily available at any drug store or Walmart and Target

1/2 cup Baking Soda

10-15 drops high-quality essential oils  like lavender, lemon, cedarwood, geranium – I buy mine here

Totally optional: dried lavender buds. I just happened to some on hand. They make a nice addition to this recipe. 

Epsom salt is also available as a lavender version. But as with most ingredients, I prefer to buy the plain variety and add my own oils, but the choice is entirely up to you, of course.

Just place all ingredients in a clean, dry bowl and mix thoroughly. It works best to use a fork or even your hands to break up any lumps and to make sure the essential oils are dispersed throughout the mixture.

ingredients for 3 cheap and easy luxurious gifts, baking soda, epsom salt and essential oil

bowl with ingredients mixed for 3 cheap and easy luxurious gifts

Scoop them into a clean dry jar and that’s it.


This next recipe is just as easy as the last, I promise! Sugar scrub is one of the few sweet indulgences that will not add any inches to the waistline:) Sugar has wonderful exfoliating qualities and you have it in your pantry right now. What gives this scrub its deeply emollient quality is oil. You can create this scrub with your favorite oil. For this batch, I went with my old standby: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, organic, of course. It’s cheap, easy to find and another one of those ingredients you likely have on hand. I have also made the same recipe with melted coconut oil, avocado, and almond oil, even a combination of several oils. All of them work very well. The choice is yours.

Here is the basic sugar scrub recipe:

1 1/2 cups of organic cane sugar

1/2 cup organic oil (extra virgin olive, avocado, coconut…)

Now the (optional) add-ons: lemon and peppermint essential oils, dried lemon peel 

For this batch, I used both lemon and peppermint essential oils as well as lemon peel powder. I drink a lot of lemon water and love to save organic peel to dry and use in recipes like this one. You paid for the whole lemon, might as well use all of it, right?

10-15 drops of essential oils: here I went with 10 drops of lemon and 5 drops of peppermint. Peppermint can be a little strong and I found that this ratio gives the mixture a nice balance without being too overpowering.

1 tablespoon of dried lemon peel powder – grind dried peels in coffee bean grinder or zest the lemon peel before you dry them to save the grinding step later.

Just like above, add all ingredients to a dry, clean bowl, mix well and fill into a dry clean jar, packing the mixture slightly with a spoon.

ingredients in a bowl for 3 cheap and easy luxurious gifts, sugar scrub recipe

After you mix it your sugar scrub should have this consistency.

sugar scrub mixed to the right consistency for 3 cheap and easy luxurious gifts

This recipe makes just a little over a cup.  If you find this recipe too runny, just add a little more sugar, if you prefer a little more moisture, add a little more oil. I have experimented with many different oil to sugar ratios and found this to be best. Just make sure it is very well mixed before you adjust it. To use, just scoop out about a tablespoon of the mixture and rub liberally all over your hands or feet. Rinse well and pat dry. If you are using this while in the shower be extra careful as it will make your feet very slippery! Don’t use this on your delicate facial skin, though. The sugar crystals are just too coarse to make this scrub suitable for use on you face. 


Every season has its challenges when it comes to keeping skin moisturized. Having a great natural moisturizer is a great way to combat dryness throughout the year. If you haven’t made your own lip balm, you’re missing out! The last recipe is adapted from my favorite lip balm recipe, because I just love it so much. And I know you will too!

Here is the base recipe:

1 cup of oil – I used avocado in this recipe

1/4 cup beeswax pellets

2 tbs shea butter

Even if you don’t normally keep beeswax or shea butter on hand, you might want to grab some. Both have amazing properties that make them a skin care winner. And like many of the other ingredients above, they are very versatile and will save you tons of money in the long run. How? Well for one, you are saving cash by DIY-ing presents right now, correct? Seriously, they are worth splurging on.

Since this recipe requires warming the mixture to combine ingredients, my goal was to streamline the process to make it as simple as possible. The good news is, this recipe is not any more labor intensive than the other two above. Melting the ingredients requires a double boiler like this. The bottom pot contains gently simmering water. And as you see here, you can combine the ingredients in the jar you are using to melt them. I would recommend only adding about 1/2 of the oil until all of the beeswax pellets are melted, then add the rest of the oil. Trust me, it’ll speed up the process considerably. This picture shows the jar full and it took a little longer to melt the beeswax completely. Lesson learned.

double boiler used to melt ingredients for 3 cheap and easy luxurious gifts

After the pellets and the shea butter have melted completely, carefully remove the jar from the double boiler (use oven mits!) and let cool slightly.

Once the balm mixture has cooled slightly add the essential oils of your choice. The combinations mentioned above will work well, but I opted for a combo of tangerine essential oil (15 drops) and spearmint essential oil (5 drops). There is just something about that citrus mint combo…

Let the balm cool completely. Now all of your homemade luxurious gifts are ready!

The amount I created filled my jar exactly to the top. Have some left over? No problem! Our it into a little jar to keep for yourself. You will want to make more, I guarantee it.

Of course, you can add any kind of ribbon you’d like. Here they are with some striped string I happened to have handy. The little wooden stars are craft store finds.

And here they are all together!

image showing 3 jars with ribbons and stars containing different body products


These cute and useful gifts are not limited to the Holiday Season by any stretch. Print out the simple to follow instructions from the FREE Resource Library and keep them handy for the next time you need a quick and thoughtful gift.

Yes, you can do this!  Creating cute and heartfelt gifts should not be stressful. I know your friends and family will really appreciate a lovely gift, especially if it’s a treat that won’t pack on extra pounds. If you love homemade beauty products and treatments be sure to check out these posts:

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Let me know how if you try these recipes and feel free to share your beautiful results in the Witty Gritty Life Facebook group, so we can all ooh and aah over them!

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