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A Simple, Cheap and Awesome Charcoal Facial Mask Recipe

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After doing lots of sanding and painting lately, my skin is really craving some TLC. There are few things more luxurious than indulging in a rich facial mask. But who’s got time and money for that? Not so fast ladies. Yeah, you, with the dark circles under your eyes and that hurried look on your face! Stop what you’re doing and be kind to yourself for once! You have earned it and you owe it to your family. After all, don’t they deserve a fabulous looking Mom? I knew you’d see it my way;)

When it comes to beauty products, my philosophy doesn’t stray from the way I approach pretty much everything else in that it needs to be simple, affordable and most of all effective. Bonus points for basic, easy to find ingredients you might already have in your house. If you are on board with my natural approach to skin care, be sure to grab my other recipes from the FREE Resource Library. Sign up is a snap and the password is on its way to your inbox in an instant!

The recipe I have for you today checks all of those boxes. Honestly, it could not be any easier and will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. The idea of combining these two ingredients came to me when I recently commented on Facebook about the fact that I love to use just plain organic yogurt as a soothing, nourishing mask. When somebody chimed in about preferring masks that contain charcoal, a light bulb went off. I added the two together and boom, my new go-to facial mask recipe was born.

I told you it was simple! Generally, my stance towards beauty products runs along the lines of don’t put anything on your body that you wouldn’t feel safe enough to eat.

Not to mention that many beauty products tout that they are made with “real ingredients”. Why not just cut out the middle man/chemical factory?

Have you seen all the charcoal beauty products suddenly on shelves everywhere? It may be touted as the latest beauty treatment, but I’m pretty sure there must have been cave women who smeared some leftover ashes on their face from their cooking fires eons ago.

fire pit

Well, not quite. But it has such a primal force of nature quality, don’t you think?

Beauty Benefits of Activated Charcoal

What exactly is activated charcoal and what makes it so beneficial? The simplest way to describe activated charcoal is “pure carbon, specially processed to make it highly absorbent of particles and gases” – click here for the complete definition as well as most common uses.

Activated charcoal is well known for its detoxifying properties and belongs in every first aid kit. It is commonly used in emergency rooms to combat drug overdoses and has been used for centuries to alleviate intestinal ailments.

It is this detoxifying property that makes it such a valuable skin care ingredient. Our skin is bombarded by environmental toxins on a daily basis. Add to that a not always healthy life style as well as hormonal changes and you have the perfect conditions for less than perfect skin. Charcoal is especially valuable in treating breakout prone skin and absorbs excess oils that can lead to enlarged pores. Add to that its mild exfoliating component and you will agree that activated charcoal is truly a power ingredient.

picture of charcoal powder

Beauty Benefits of Plain Organic Yogurt

And here I cannot stress enough that in order for you to to reap the maximum benefits from this beauty treatment, you should always opt for organic yogurt. Greek or goat milk versions will work fine as long as they are organic. Organic yogurt simply does not contain the same pesticides and other potential environmental contaminants as the conventional version.

The main beneficial skin ingredient of yogurt is lactic acid. Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid that aids in dissolving dead skin cells, the main cause of a tired and dull complexion.

But there is also growing evidence that applying probiotics to skin topically may be beneficial as well, especially in the treatment of rosacea and acne.

In other words, yogurt is not only good for you if you eat it, but if you put it on your skin as well! Gotta love that. Personally, I enjoy yogurt in the morning with fresh fruit and a handful of nuts like almonds, cashews or walnuts as a healthy, satisfying breakfast.

picture of a bowl of yogurt

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The Recipe

I almost feel silly creating a separate headline here, because it’s just so ridiculously simple!

1 TBS organic whole milk yogurt (you can use goatmilk yogurt or Greek style for a thicker version)

Contents of 1 activated charcoal capsule

Combine the plain organic yogurt with the contents of the activated charcoal capsule. Mix until well combined and smooth.

Apply evenly to clean face with fingers, avoiding mouth and eyes.

Be sure to protect clothing and surfaces. I have found this is easiest to apply before my morning shower, wearing an old robe. Sit and relax, or plan your day for 10-15 minutes, step in the shower and rinse off completely. Don’t worry, it comes off easily and won’t stain your shower. You may want to use something other than your best white towels to pat your face dry, just in case!

Use this mask about once a week.


Since this recipe contains lactic acid, be sure to apply a high quality moisturizer with sunscreen. What do you think? Easy peasy, right? I sure hope you will give this a try! I just love the way this charcoal mask leaves my skin feeling soft and looking refreshed! Have you ever used activated charcoal? For other simple ways to add the benefits of  activated charcoal to your life, be sure to check out this post!

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You can find all of my natural beauty and cleaning recipes in the FREE Resource Library along with bonus content not found on the blog! If you try this or any of my recipes be sure to share your experience in the comments below or on The Witty Gritty Life Facebook group!

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