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Essential oils – my year of using them daily

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Essential oils became an important part of my life after my AHA moment a year ago. I am often asked what has changed since I began using essential oils daily. A year later I am here to reflect on the effects my family and I have felt since we embarked on this lifestyle change.

Our family has had its challenges as far as health and nutrition are concerned. Through it all I have become extremely concerned about the use of chemicals, pesticides and other environmental assaults that are so very present in every aspect of life.

Like so many others who receive their starter kit in the mail, I opened it, cautiously using a few drops of lavender here, a couple of drops of lemon there. I was not really quite sure what to do with them or how to use them.

But out of curiosity I slowly began by incorporating the most common oils into our daily routine. I opted to use only single oils initially to gauge their effects one by one. The oils I chose to rely on were the ones most commonly recommended by a number of different healthy living advocates:

  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Lemon
  • Tea Tree
  • Frankincense

The fab five. Each one these oils remains a go-to and yes, they do travel with me where I go. Just those five basic oils make up an essential oils tool kit that has helped our family  calm nerves, soothe upset stomachs, lift mood, aid in sleep, make cleaning less of a chore, clear up skin problems, the list goes on.

Over time I found myself reaching for my oils more and more and now have quite a collection. For me personally I am reassured tremendously when my sixteen year old non-verbal autistic son will not let me leave his room without turning on his dew drop diffuser in the evening.

The restless young man who didn’t sleep through the night until he was in his teens now gets a good night’s sleep every single night! I, too have grown accustomed to diffusing a calming blend of oils for a better nights’ rest. Even though I can’t really perceive the scents of the oils, I definitely wake up much more rested than I used to.

Favorite ways to use essential oils include:

  • Adding a couple of drops of lemon, lime or orange oil to my otherwise boring water.
  • Cleaners and room freshening sprays created from simple recipes
  • Creating my own beauty products as well as deodorant, lotion, body butter and hand salves.

I am currently also working on a sun screen recipe as well as something to keep pesky bugs at bay during the Summer months. This recipe for natural bug balm looks great!

Last Winter was the first one I remember making it through an entire cold and flu season without getting sick! Actually, that goes for both my husband and me! Our son did pick up a nagging cough, but it was greatly relieved with eucalyptus and peppermint oils diffused in his room. He loved having warming oregano oil rubbed on his back diluted with carrier oil morning and night until the cough resolved.

Most recently I have noticed my skin clearing up after battling breakouts since my teens – and I just celebrated birthday #53! A cold sore that tried to form, something I would have normally had to apply an expensive over the counter remedy on to keep at bay, never evolved any further – also something that had never happened before.

I can definitely say that I am a skeptic no more! And yes, I do attribute all to the regular use of  my therapeutic grade oils!

So, what has changed? A lot. Oils have simplified our life in so many different ways. I love to just be able to make more cleaner spray when I run out or body butter or eye cream, even deodorant and toothpaste! I consider it a very worthwhile investment knowing my family is exposed to far fewer toxic chemicals. Not having to buy cleaners and many other products at the store saves time, money and space at home. Many of the products I create are stored in reusable glass jars and bottles, which makes me feel good about not adding to our landfills.

Now, I am ready to explore more oil blends and look forward to coming up with fun new recipes, which I cannot wait to share with you here soon.

Are you interested in adding high quality therapeutic oils to your daily life? Have you tried essential oils, but weren’t quite sure what to use them for?

Check out the essential oil starter page for an added bonus!

P.S.: This post reflects mine and my family’s personal and individual experience and is not meant to be taken as medical advice. Please read the medical disclaimer at the bottom of this page!


2 thoughts on “Essential oils – my year of using them daily”

  1. Marlies Martin

    Fabulous! This is my goal – we aren’t getting healthier so I feel this is a God thing that came at a time i so desperately needed to hear what else I could try!! Thank you

    1. WittyGrittyGirl

      Marlies, I was on the fence about this for a long time, but Now that I have made the switch to incorporating oils – quality really matters here – I am almost a bit sad it took me so long!

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