Welcome to The Witty Gritty Life - Your Place for Easy and Practical Ways to Beautify Your Life.

“I can’t do that” or “I am all thumbs” are some of the saddest world spoken in the English language. 

All of my life creativity has accompanied me in some way or another. Not that I consider myself especially talented in that way. I just had the great fortune of being surrounded by people who were always making things.

 And through them I learned early on that there is a deep level of satisfaction, of power even, that comes with being able to transform something plain and ordinary into something beautiful and useful. 

That is why I created The Witty Gritty Life. I am passionate about showing you that YES YOU CAN. It truly doesn’t take an extrarodinary amount of skill to create crafts, projects and recipes that will allow you to put your own stamp on your home, gain a little confidence in the process and even safe you money.

Are you ready to get started?